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Thai Matchmaker Thai Marriage Agency Service Introduction

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Thai Matchmaker Agency Introduction

Thai Honey Care center is a Bangkok matchmaker company. This Thai registered marriage agency offers marriage introduction service to foreigners looking for Thai wife. This Thai marriage service agency is not a dating agency but a marriage introduction agency.

Thai Honey Care matchmaker's clients come from Canada, US, Europe, China, Japan and South East Asia. This Thai matchmaker agency handles callers who speak English, Thai, Chinese and Indonesian.

This marriage introduction agency matchmaker's motto is to provide accountable marriage introduction service to both foreigners and Thai ladies. Honey Care marriage agency / matchmaker protect both parties' interests equally.



Thai Matchmaker Policies

Thai marriage agency service's goal is to deliver a personalized marriage service to every client to find a match.

From past experience, the main obstacles in getting the right future Thai wife for clients are lack of a good coordination from Thai matchmaker / marriage agency plus the availability of Thai ladies in marriage introduction program. Open and constant communication ought to be established to determine if Thai Marriage agency / matchmaker can find the right match / Thai wife.

A marriage matchmaker agency can display many beautiful Thai ladies in their agency's galleries but what is it for if these Thai ladies become unavailable when the client arrives. A matchmaker's plan can promise unlimited Thai ladies to meet, but what is it for if the collection of Thai ladies is not the ladies the client is after. Honesty is the key to a successful marriage match for this Thai marriage agency.

A marriage matching possibility must be formed before our matchmaker allows a client to participate in a marriage agency match making plans. If the marriage matching possibility is too slim, our matchmaker will advice you not to buy our marriage introduction service plan.


Thai Matchmaker Can’t Do?

Unlike buying a BMW in a market, hunting for a future Thai wife has many twists and turns even after matchmakers consider the marriage matching possibility. There is no magic bullet.

As in a hunting ground, only the hunter can decide the outcome of a hunting event. This marriage agency / matchmaker is just the facilitator. Nonetheless, our matchmaker will be the best facilitator for Thai wife hunting event in Thailand.



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Thai Marriage Agency Match Making Service

This Thai matchmaker offers three marriage service plans, namely Silver, Gold and Diamond. This marriage service plan varies by

1) the number of Thai ladies to meet

2) the number of visits to Thailand

3) the duration of the marriage service plan

4) the expenses for non Bangkokian ladies transport plus accommodation.

Silver is the most simple marriage service plan. This allows a client to meet his 8 chosen Thai ladies in a single visit within 3 months. This client needs to pay extra for Thai ladies' transport and accommodation, if these Thai ladies are non Bangkokian.

Gold is a medium marriage service plan. This allows a client to meet his 12 chosen Thai ladies in 2 visits within 6 months. Two times airport pick-up and 1 night complimentary hotel accommodation in Bangkok are included. Non Bangkokian ladies expenses are not included.

Diamond is a comprehensive marriage service plan. This allows a client to meet 15 chosen Thai ladies in 3 visits within 12 months. Three airport pick-up, 1 night complimentary hotel accommodation, up to 4 non Bangkokian ladies expenses and one day free car plus driver use are included.

For your information, our marriage introduction agency / matchmaker usually find the marriage match / Thai wife within 10 marriage introduction meetings in our marriage agency office.

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Thai Marriage Agency After Care Services

Match making service starts the moment clients jump into our wagon. Our matchmaker will communicate with you frequently before you come. When you arrive at Bangkok, our matchmaker will set up meeting after meeting to find you a marriage match. This marriage service does not end after you find your Thai wife, nor after you leave Bangkok.

Finding a Thai wife is tough, but it is worthwhile and fun. Taking your Thai wife home is tougher. The time you wait for your Thai wife's immigration paper will be the longest moments of your life. Visa service processing time varies and sometime time-consuming.

Thai matchmaker After Care service takes care of your outstanding issues related to Thai marriage paper and immigration visa processing for your Thai wife. This marriage agency will guide you to resolve any possible issues promptly.

Thai Honey Care marriage agency / matchmakers can not force a lady to marry you. But, this marriage agency can stand by your side to smoothen the marriage process and take care of possible issues with your Thai wife's family, wedding and marriage related paper. This service lasts for 3 years.

Thai marriage agency / matchmaker cares about your Thai wife and your new life .

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